Established in the year 2011, SANAD is one of the region’s most energetic and innovative insurance service firms. Harnessing the expertise of an enthusiastic team, the company brings almost 45 years of quality-based insurance, reinsurance, and consultancy services to the markets it operates within.

SANAD is a market leader and key player in the insurance service field. It solidifies its authority by providing tailor-made solutions that adhere to diversified markets and the different needs of its clients. The team at SANAD believes that each client is unique, and it is this belief that enables it to provide tailor-made services.

As an independent entity working in the insurance service field, SANAD holds the strength and capability to provide a new perspective on insurance service norms. It is achieving this goal through establishing trust, professional standards of operation, and timely product delivery. At SANAD, every client is treated as an individual, and each client’s need is assessed individually.

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