• Fire and Allied Perils:
      Covers all losses or damages caused by Fire, Lightning, and other named allied perils, including theft.


  • Property All Risk:
    The most basic form of protection for clients’ assets like Buildings, Stocks, Furniture, and other contents is insurance against the contingencies of Fire, Lightning, etc. Starting from this cover, it would be possible to 'add on' cover for various perils and contingencies to the point of virtually converting the cover into an "All Risk" category.
    To ensure that the insurance policy would deliver when the client needs it most, it is important to select the right cover. Clauses amending, customizing, and widening the basic cover need to be added.
    Professional care taken at the beginning can be very beneficial at the time of a claim. For example, in the event of major damage due to fire, would the current policy allow for the new replacement costs of the client’s assets or does it only pay the depreciated written down value? If the policy is worded on a new replacement value basis,are clients aware of the obligations on their part to ensure that the policy will pay in full? Is the client paying additional premium unnecessarily by insuring stock at higher values than necessary to ensure full cover for fluctuating stock levels? Will the rights under the policy be prejudiced if contractors working in the client’s premises cause a fire?

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