SANAD offers full-fledged solutions by adopting the following operational approach:

  • Analysis and Assessment: As it holds the strongest market relations among the region, SANAD first analyzes and conducts a risk assessment study of each client’s request followed by the formulation of the relevant strategy. Every client’s situation is analyzed with the aim of defining areas wherein the client can achieve cost reductions, services, and coverage improvements.
  • Designing a Program: No two clients receive the same solution. SANAD’s team of experts designs a unique program that achieves unique client needs.
  • Risk Placement Assessment: The Company constructs the ideal risk placement analysis by utilizing extensive market knowledge and in-depth relationships with underwriters.
  • Building Partnerships: SANAD fosters a strong partnership between its clients and underwriters to enable them to discuss their business and risk profile.
  • Policy Draft: SANAD drafts and negotiates policies with all parties involved to ensure that clients obtain the broadest coverage available.
  • Claims Negotiation: SANAD then negotiates claims, whereby it works to provide the highest possible standards of service throughout the claims process.

Products & Services


Our Services

SANAD is an insurance service provider offering a broad range of insurance and financial products for individuals, families, and businesses.


Our Products

  1. Engineering
  2. Marine
  3. Property
  4. Financial Lines
  5. Casualty
  6. PA
  7. Special Risks
  8. Binding Facilities
  9. Treaty Reinsurance

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